Nathan’s career as a performer, composer, educator, and promoter in the arts has resulted in the development of content and publication of ideas in media outlets.

Instructional Videos

Everyday Vocabulary: A youtube playlist created to compile/archive my favorite “licks” (unique improvised musical phrases). Musicians need to add new ideas to their vocabulary, and this serves as a suggested list of ideas created by very competent rhetoricians! These phrases are analyzed to give them common utility.

Everyday Vocabulary Video Transcriptions
Constructing a Walking Bass Line
Tiffin University Guitar Students Montage: Spring 2015


Miles Ahead of 2019: This article was published in the OMEA Triad Magazine (The official publication of the Ohio Music Education Association), Issue October/November 2018, Vol. LXXXVI, No. 1.


In late 2019, Nathan was contacted by Something For Nothing: A RUSH Fancast interested in podcasting an interview discussing the course that he created and twice ran at Tiffin University entitled, “Rush: Progressive Rock and Modern Society.” The interview took place in late December and went live on January 20th, 2020, just over a week following the passing of Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart. He subsequently offered contributions in later episodes as well.

Episode 22: Interview with Nathan Santos, “Rush: Progressive Rock and Modern Society”

Episode 34: Gerry and Steve read my analysis of the “Hemispheres Chord”

Episode 39: Gerry and Steve read my email breaking down “La Villa Strangiato” into the individual parts.

Episode 93: Interview with Nathan Santos analyzing “The Big Money”

Episode 141: Interview with Nathan Santos analyzing “Force Ten” on “Hold Your Fire Redux, Part 1”


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